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After Effects Video Tutorial: Cinematic Crop

Caleb Ward

Easily create a cinematic crop in After Effects using this quick-tip by Mikey Borup.

Adobe After Effects

Creating a cinematic crop in After Effects is really easy to do, if you know how to do it correctly. In the past I have tried various techniques such as using a rectangle masks with inconsistent results. But in the After Effects tutorial by Premiumbeat Blogger Mikey Borup, Mikey shows us how to simply create a cinematic crop using the motion tile effect.

The video covers:

  • Creating cinematic crop
  • Dealing with transparency
  • Using the Set Matte effect

This is of course for creating a cropped or “letterboxed” look. If you are wanting to crop your entire composition you can do so by clicking command+shift+N and adjusting the composition height.

This tutorial was first posted on Mikey’s YouTube Channel (Mikey offers multiple tutorials every week on his YouTube Channel). If you want to check out more of Mikey’s tutorials check out his page on the PremiumBeat blog. Thanks for sharing Mikey!

Know of any other ways to create a cinematic crop? Share in the comments below.