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Mikey Borup

Mikey Borup is an After Effects user and teacher for 10+ years.  He has worked with variety of clients both as a freelancer and as the owner of a production company.  Mikey has also spent some time teaching motion graphics and video production for his local university.  He likes to focus his tutorials on practical knowledge and gets inspiration from actual client work he has created.  Mikey is a big believer in expressions and presets, and has created many of his own (some of which rival native plugins in functionality and ease of use).

Check out his YouTube channel and join the After Effects Users Google+ Community

June 30, 2014 Author:

In the final installment of our 10 part Adobe After Effects Fundamentals course we learn all about 3D, Cameras, Lights, and using Cinema 4D LITE in After Effects. Read More

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