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Aputure Releases a New Spotlight Mount Attachment

Robbie Janney

Have you ever wanted the power of a Leko light with the convenience of a LED? Well, your dreams have now come true with the Aputure Spotlight attachment.

The Leko light is a pocket lifesaver for many filmmakers. They are cheap and powerful, and they can shape light output exactly how you need it. Lekos come with their drawbacks, though. They need a lot of power and (usually) without a dimmer, you can’t adjust the light’s output.

Enter the Spotlight Attachment from Aputure. This brand-new attachment transforms your 120d and 300d into a powerful Leko-style light that can focus your light into perfect shapes and sizes. The Spotlight attachment is now available, so let’s dive into the specs to see if this might be the right addition to your gear bag.

Perfect Leko-Style Lighting Control

Aputure Releases Their New Spotlight Mount Attachment - Spotlight Mount

If you’ve never used a Leko light before, it’s a pretty nifty tool to have on set. Essentially, it works as a lens to your light, just like a lens would work for your camera. Glass elements inside the spotlight body allow you to focus your light sharply — along with four shutter blades for cutting light to your desired shape.

Aputure Releases Their New Spotlight Mount Attachment - In the Studio

So, what makes the spotlight attachment different from a traditional Leko? Well, lots of things actually. First off, if you’ve got an Aputure light already in your kit, you’re just a small investment away from having a “Leko” light.

Aputure Releases Their New Spotlight Mount Attachment - Spotlight Waves

If you’ve ever tried hauling a bunch of Leko lights around, you know they can be an absolute nightmare, due to their weight and awkward design. The aluminum body of the spotlight attachment is a lot lighter than a traditional Leko-style light, which makes it easier to transport from location to location. It also comes with a nifty, square metal carrying case.

Aputure Releases Their New Spotlight Mount Attachment - Spotlight Lens

The Spotlight lens comes with three interchangeable lenses that are at angles of nineteen, twenty-six, and thirty-six degrees. These three different lenses allow you to output either a wider circle or a smaller pinpoint. What’s really cool about these lenses, in combination with one of Aputure’s lights, is that you can maximize the light production of a 120d II to about ten times its original output, due to the lens refraction.

Aputure Releases Their New Spotlight Mount Attachment - Projecting Shape and Color

For even more customization, the Spotlight mount comes with two slots for B-size Gobos, a Gobo holder, and a gel frame. With this, you can project any type of shape or color you can think of.

So, Should You Buy This?

Aputure Releases Their New Spotlight Mount Attachment - Cutout Frame

If you’re working in a studio or constantly need a Leko-style light, this could save you some headache, if you already have some Aputure fixtures. The Spotlight mount is extremely versatile, and it gives you complete power to manipulate light, as you need, on set. We have a Leko light in our studio that we use constantly for filling rooms with light, or directing a spotlight to an area of a room. But, with this new release, it looks like we’re jumping on the spotlight attachment bandwagon. I mean, who could pass up the benefits?

All images via Aputure.

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