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Audio Editing: Mixing Speech and Music in Premiere Pro

Caleb Ward

Hone your audio editing skills and learn how to seamlessly blend speech with music in Premiere Pro.

There’s a big chance you’re going to have both music and vocal tracks in your next video, and mixing those elements correctly involves more than simply turning down the music volume. It takes a little work for sure, and the following video tutorial shows us how adding just a few quick effects can make your finished audio sound great.

The tutorial covers:

  • Using the Audio Mixer
  • Working with Multiband Compressors
  • Scooping Midtones
  • Basic Music Mastering

The tutorial highlights a process known as the “scoop” method, where you drop the frequencies in the music that will be in conflict with your vocal track. It’s a quick way to make your audio mesh better in Premiere Pro.

This tutorial was created by Ben Saffer. Thanks for sharing, Ben!

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Have any other tips for mixing speech with music in Premiere Pro? Do you have the scoop on the scoop method? Share in the comments below.