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Audio Editing Speed Test: A Head-to-Head NLE Comparison

Danny Greer

The following video puts popular non-linear editing applications to the test, determining which best preserves your audio when applying speed changes.  Interesting results!

SpeakersNeed to speed up or slow down your audio in post?  Video editor and Vimeo user Brooks Tomlinson recently conducted a test to see which video or editing application is best at modifying the speed of audio.  Final Cut Pro X has been lauded by some as doing a fine job at preserving audio pitch and quality when applying speed changes, but Brooks wasn’t so sure.  So, he took a short piece of narration and ran it through different non-linear video and audio editing applications, applying a 105%, 125% and 95% speed change.

The test applications included:

  • Apple Final Cut Pro X
  • Apple Soundtrack Pro
  • Autodesk Smoke 2013
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
  • Adobe Audition CS6
  • Avid DS 8.4

Click the video below to hear the differences in audio quality as each application processes the speed changes.   Discover which application provides the highest quality (hint: you get what you pay for!)