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“Fix It In Post” Autodesk Smoke Demo Film

Danny Greer

See the video editing capabilities of Autodesk Smoke in action in this action packed demo film. Created as a promotional video for the video editing application, this fun film shows off Smoke’s industry leading video tools.

Autodesk Smoke

What better way to market a video editing application then to showcase it’s capabilities in a narrative film.  That’s what Autodesk recently did with “Fix It In Post“.  In the film, the main character has his life transformed at the hands of a video editor that acts as the puppetmaster of his story.

Fix It In Post Autodesk

Jumping from the narrative to the edit ‘behind the story’, we can see the editor using Autodesk Smoke’s toolset to give the story an extra punch.  Composited explosions appear from nowhere, 3D extruded text flies through space and we’re shown a wide pallete of color grades.  The video succeeds at proving that Smoke is more than just a compositing application and should now be considered a workhorse video editing app.

As a marketing tool, the video works great, demonstrating the strong compositing, editing and color correction features avaliable in Autodesk Smoke.  Any video editor (not only Smoke editors) will get a kick out of how the video blends the narrative with the post-prooduction ‘magic’ behind it.  Best watched full-screen HD.  Share your thoughts in the comments below!