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Learning Avid Media Composer Video Podcasts

Danny Greer

If you’re looking to learn Avid Media Composer from the ground-up or simply want to sharpen your skills, you’ll want to check out these comprehensive video training podcasts.

Learn Avid Media Composer Video Podcasts

In recent months Avid has seen a flurry of new users, thanks in part to many making the switch from Final Cut Pro 7.  Fitting then, that Creative Cow leader Kevin P. McAuliffe is currently releasing an extensive video podcast series to guide you through the video editing process in Avid Media Composer 6.

Kevin has broken down the process, with each podcast focusing on a very specific aspect of the Avid Editing process.  The podcasts include both PC and Mac versions of Avid and also includes some Avid Symphony specific info as well.  Podcasts released thus far include:

Lesson 1: Getting Started

This Avid podcast is a must-watch for newbies!  Kevin explains the basics of project selection, creating a new Avid project and generating user profiles.

Lesson 2: The Interface & Intro to Bins

Discover how to create tabbed bins and modify bin settings to improve your Avid workflow and project organization.

 Lesson 3: Audio Settings

In this video podcast, Kevin explains how to modify Avid’s audio settings including input, output, hardware and advanced effects.  Learn how to set the pan controls to ensure proper audio playback.

Lesson 4: Bins Part One

Bins play a huge part in the Avid editing workflow.  In the first part of this in-depth look at bins you’ll discover the best way to organize and customize your project bins and increase your editing efficiency.

In each of these podcasts new users will discover the fundamentals of Avid, while more seasoned editors are sure to pick up new tricks.  Be on the lookout, as Kevin adds more videos to this already substantial video series.

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