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Awesome Cinematography: Achieving a Jib Shot with a Slider

Brent Pierce

It’s time for another Awesome Cinematography tutorial! Let’s learn how to pull off a jib shot using a slider.

Top image from Cinevate

As any independent filmmaker will tell you, there are times when you want to capture a specific look that would seem to require using a jib or crane. It’s that smooth panning motion that really makes your shots look professional. However if you’re on a documentary film shoot or, as Brent mentions, a wedding shoot, then you’re not going to want to carry around a large jib or crane rig. You can get around this by keeping your camera on the tripod. To help you achieve this look, Cineblur’s Brent Pierce shows you how using a tripod, two heads, a slider, and a DSLR will give you a look very similar to a jib.

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