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Inspiration! 16 Impactful Slow Motion Video Projects

Danny Greer

We’ve rounded up some of the best slow-motion projects for your video and design inspiration!

Video Inspiration Slow Motion

With the development of recent software and camera technologies, slow motion video is looking better than ever!  Some of the projects below were shot slow motion with high frame rates cameras like the Phantom Flex.  Other  projects were slowed down in post with software tools inside video editing or third party applications, such as industry favorite Twixtor.

In the following videos, a slow motion perspective takes ordinary subject matter and makes it extraordinary.  Have a look!

Breakfast Interrupted

Nuit Blanche

London Bus Tour

Stunt Poetry

The Beauty of Mud

Slow it Down

Tokyo Slo Mo

Experience Freedom

Slow Down Barcelona

IRC Dance Movement

The Marmalade Identity


Dogs in Slow Motion

Faces Blasted with Air

Drink Water

Slow Motion Punches