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Jaw Dropping Deconstruction of Color Correction and Matting

Danny Greer

Editor/colorist Scott Maclean breaks down his latest color grading session to extraordinary effect!

In this video deconstruction, Scott pulls back the curtains on a high-end Powerade commercial to reveal the extensive matting and tracking that went into making the stylized spot.  Using only the Baselight 4 advanced color grading system, Scott applied high-end color correction and mattes to give this spot a sense of depth and gritty style.  In the video below, he breaks down 5 individual shots to uncover the process of adding mattes, tracking windows and color grades.

Ironically, it took him 10 hours to grade the original spot…and 15 to create this breakdown video of the post-production process.

Colorists and compositors are often under-appreciated by the viewing public (after all it’s “movie magic”, right?).  Scott’s deconstruction video reveals all the hard work and skill that goes into making a commercial spot look truly incredible!

Spot graded & deconstructed at Cutting Edge Post in Sydney, Australia.