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Color Grading Training with Dale Grahn’s Color Timing App

Danny Greer

Want to improve your color correction and color grading skills?  Check out this new app from video editing software creator Crumplepop!

You may not know the name “Dale Grahn” but any film buff has certainly seen the results of his work.  As the lead color timer for many of Steven Spielberg’s films (and a TON of other legendary Hollywood movies – see list below), Dale is certainly the expert on color timing.  For those unfamiliar with the lingo, color timing is an earlier counterpart to digital color grading, where color correction was applied to film in a lab.

Dale Grahn Films

Take Dale’s color timing and color grading skills and pair them up with Crumplepop’s knack for creating polished software and the result is the new “Dale Grahn Color Timing App”.  The app is designed not as a tool to be used in your post production pipeline, but rather as a trainer for those interested in improving their color timing and color grading skills.

The app is setup like a game where you are tasked with copying one of Dale’s color timed images and are then graded on how close the match is.  Discover how to modify a video or still image using only basic color grading tools (no fancy effects or plugins).  In addition, you can upload and practive with your own photos and view 20 video tutorials from Dave Grahn himself.

If you’re interested in increasing your photo and video color grading training this app looks like a fun and interesting way to do it.  Dave Grahn Color is currently selling for $3.99 on the Apple App Store.

A selection of films Dale Grahn color timed:

2009  Up in the Air (lab color timer: Deluxe – as Dale Grahn)

2008  Valkyrie (color timer – uncredited)

2008  Burn After Reading (color timer – uncredited)

2005  Munich (color timer)

2005  The Island (color timer – as Dale Grahn)

2005  Mr. & Mrs. Smith (laboratory color timer – as Dale Grahn)

2004  The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (film color timer)

2004  The Terminal (lab color timer – as Dale Grahn)

2002  Catch Me If You Can (color timer – as Dale Grahn)

2002  Gangs of New York (color timer – as Dale Grahn)

2002  The Ring (color timer – as Dale Grahn)

2002  Minority Report (color timer – as Dale Grahn)

2001  Training Day (color timer – as Dale Grahn)

2001  A.I. Artificial Intelligence (color timer – as Dale Grahn)

2000  Gladiator (color timer – as Dale Grahn)

1999  Toy Story 2 (color timer – as Dale Grahn)

1998  You’ve Got Mail (color timer – as Dale Grahn)

1998  The Waterboy (color timer)

1998  Saving Private Ryan (color timer – as Dale Grahn)

1997  As Good as It Gets (color timer)

1997  Amistad (color timer – as Dale Grahn)

1997  The Devil’s Advocate (color timer – as Dale Grahn)

1995  Toy Story (color timer – as Dale Grahn)

1995  Outbreak (color timer)

1994  Quiz Show (color timer)

1994  The Lion King (color timer – as Dale Grahn)

1992  Aladdin (color timer – as Dale Grahn)

1989  When Harry Met Sally… (color timer – uncredited)

1989  Road House (color timer)

1989  Field of Dreams (color timer – as Dale Grahn)

1988  Rain Man (color timer – uncredited)

1988  Die Hard (color timer – as Dale Grahn)

1988  Big (color timer – uncredited)

1987  Predator (color timer)

1979  Apocalypse Now (color timer – Redux version)

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