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Create An Animated Website Presentation Using After Effects

Joshua Noel

In this video tutorial, learn how you can capture and animate a website presentation for your projects using Adobe After Effects.

Whether you are a video editor or a motion graphics artist, at some point, you may need to display a website in a video project. A simple way to do this is to video-capture the website while scrolling through it. However, the scrolling may look jumpy when you scroll down an entire web page. Plus, you’ll have to download video-capture software to record the screen. If you want the best quality and the most control, this After Effects tutorial has you covered!

To create a smooth scroll effect with complete control over your website animation, take screenshots of each portion of the web page and composite them together in After Effects. This approach yields the best results and gives you the option to design your website presentation however you want it.

What to Take Away from This Tutorial

Learn how to stitch together your website screenshots and animate them to create a smooth scroll effect. Furthermore, you’ll also learn how to create callout titles and add information to your presentation. Beyond the basics, this After Effects tutorial takes a close look at 3D animation and how to animate the website however you like.

Here are a few of the main takeaways from this After Effects tutorial:

  • Composite your website together using multiple screenshots.
  • Animate your presentation in 3D space with rotation.
  • Create titles that animate with your scrolling website.

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