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Creating Compound Clips in FCPX

Ben Consoli

Learn how to create compound clips in this FCPX video tutorial.

FCPX was designed with powerful organization and metadata features – one reason diehard FCPX video editors love it. FCPX allows you to create compound clips, “which allow you to  group any combination of clips in the Timeline or the Browser and nest clips within other clips”.

There are a ton of really good uses for compound clips, from better organization to faster editing. Use them to break up a big timeline into manageable chunks. Give a compound clip unique settings (different from the overall project settings). In After Effects terms, you could think of compound clips as a nested sequence or a pre-composed composition.

In the following tutorial we will take a look at how to use compound clips in your FCPX video editing workflow:

  • Creating new compound clips
  • Adding clips to compound clips
  • Using keyboard shortcuts
  • Adjusting compound clip settings
  • Using the timeline to create compound clips

Want to learn more about using compound clips in FCPX? Check out the official Apple documentation.

How do you use compound clips? Share in the comments below.