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Customize Overlays In Adobe Premiere Pro 7.1

Danny Greer

In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to tweak the Premiere Pro overlay settings to best fit your video editing needs.


Among the features in Adobe Premiere Pro 7.1 is the ability to customize overlays in your playback monitor. While this update may not seem significant for some users, power Premiere editors will benefit from the ability to quickly get info about their timeline without taking their eyes off playback.

In the following tutorial by Josh from Retooled.net you’ll discover how you can make best use of the new overlay features in Premiere Pro 7.1:

  • Have multiple overlay areas on the video frame, each giving different info about your project/clips
  • Tweak the overlays for multicam
  • Adjust how action and title safe are displayed
  • Enable overlay display during video playback

If you’re curious about the new features in Premiere Pro 7.1 check out this earlier Retooled post and video here. Thanks for sharing, Josh!