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Cut Notes App Adds Timecode Marker Support for FCPX

Danny Greer

Digital Rebellion, makers of popular post-production tools, recently updated their “Cut Notes” iPad application to support the creation of timecode markers in Final Cut Pro X.

Most professional editors have experience working with timecode notes from an on-set producer or director.  You know the drill…. receive the paper notes, input the timecode into your editing system and tag the footage with the proper notation (good take, bad take, etc).  Cut Notes by Digital Rebellion simplifies this process by allowing an on-set producer to digitally take notes through the convenient iPad app.  When the shoot’s wrapped, simply export the Cut Notes file into the companion Cut Notes Importer application.  From there the notes will be imported into your editing application and the footage will be appropriately marked.

Multi-NLE Support

In the past, Cut Notes could only be used with AVID and legacy versions of Final Cut Pro.  However due to recent updates, editors using Final Cut Pro X can now take advantage of this timesaving application.  Still prefer pen and paper?  The application also allows you to print a copy of all notes (good for creating a checklist).

For short projects paper notes may still do the trick, but on footage intensive projects Cut Notes gives AVID, FCP and FCPX editors a timesaving advantage.

Cut Notes is currently avaliable from the App Store for $7.99.
Get all the details on the Digital Rebellion site.

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