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Roundtripping with DaVinci Resolve

Danny Greer

In the following video tutorials you’ll learn a color grading workflow to move your project from a video editing app to DaVinci Resolve…and back again.

Denver Riddle over at ColorGradingCentral.com has the lowdown on the best way to get your project in and out of DaVinci Resolve.  Although you can certainly bring in a flattened final video into Resolve for color correction and grading, it severely limits your ability to make future editing changes to the project.  Instead, Denver’s color grading workflow is a much better alternative, utilizing the ability of your video editing application and DaVinci Resolve to input/export XML files.

Although some colorists ask for an XML file directly from their video editor clients, a much better solution would be to obtain a media managed project instead.  In the following Part I video, Denver demonstrates how to media manage projects in Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Premiere.  Once you, the colorist, receives the media managed project you’ll need to prep it to be optimized in Resolve – delete unused clips and remove effects or filters that might cause potential conflicts.  Here’s how:

Video 2 continues this color grading roundtrip workflow by demonstrating how to bring your video editing project in and out of DaVinci Resolve.  Once the project has been cleaned up in the video editing app, you’ll export it as an XML and bring it into Resolve.  Conform and grade your project in Resolve and then bring it back into your video editing app for finishing.  Denver’s DaVinci Resolve workflow provides both the colorist and editor the flexibility to modify the edit or the color grade throughout the post-production process.  This is a color grading workflow worth implementing!