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Digital Rebellion Updates Post Support Software for FCP, FCPX, AVID & Premiere

Danny Greer

Digital Rebellion, makers of post-production support applications, recently updated two of the products in their software line with new features and compatibility with Final Cut Pro X.

For the uninitiated, Digital Rebellion is one of the leading makers of applications to support editors and the post-production process.  Their support applications work in conjunction with editing applications (Final Cut Pro, FCPX, AVID or Premiere) and complete tasks to make the editing process smoother and more organized. Let’s take a peek at two new software offerings and how they can enhance your post-production workflow:

Pro Maintenance Tools – $139

Pro Maintenance Tools is the ultimate handyman for your NLE (non-linear editing software). With so many files going in and coming out of your projects, coupled with third party plug-ins and various video formats and codecs, it’s no surprise that NLE’s can buckle under the pressure. Enter Pro Maintenance Tools (formerly called FCS – Final Cut Studio – Maintenance Pack).  This utility application strives to keep your editing system working at peak performance by addressing file problems and common application errors.  Pro Maintenance has a built in plugin manager so you can take control and better organize your third party plugins.  For those that have ever attempted to access a Final Cut Pro or FCPX file that simply will not open or launch, Pro Maintenance also has a utility that will repair corrupted projects.  Similarly, Pro Maintenance can correct and extract corrupted video clips. Address common Premiere, Final Cut Pro and AVID errors with Pro Maintenance Tools.

Pro Media Tools – $99

Media management is a hot topic in post production…as it should be.  With an industry-wide shift of cams shooting from tape to tapeless digital formats, it’s imperative that footage and supporting edit files are managed with care in an organized structure and that deliverable files meet digital delivery specifications. A post-production supervisor recently told me that “good management and organization is key to monetizing your digital assets.  Mismanaged media results in lost time and consequently, revenue.”  To help insure that your assets are being utilized to their full potential  Digital Rebellion’s Pro Media Tools streamlines “media management in Final Cut Pro, AVID and Premiere.”  Among the key features, you can automatically transfer digital media as soon as it’s detected on your system (P2, RED, XDCAM).  Quickly organize bins based on defined criteria, such as reel, scene, etc.  Perhaps one of the most useful features is the video check function…let Pro Media Tools scan your entire sequence and give you a full report on where flash frames, peaked audio or illegal luminance values occur in your sequence.  Insure quality control and keep your workflow efficient with Pro Media Tools.


These Digital Rebellion applications help improve your post-production processes.  For the die-hard daily editor they’re great to have at your disposal.  More casual or hobbyist editors may not have a steady need for these advanced functions…until a problem occurs with your workflow, footage or project. Both applications offer a free trial so give them a spin and see how they work in your post-production workflow!

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