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DIY Light Leak Effect for Photographers

Danny Greer

Check out this tutorial for creating a cool light leak/haze effect for your still photography – super fast and ridiculously cheap!

We’re fans of the crew over at DIYPhotography.net.  They’re always posting great tips and tricks on photography techniques and DIY projects (see a few past DIYPhotography posts we’ve shared here and here).

They recently shared a Reddit post by professional photographer James David McGrady, that showcases a super easy way to give your still photographs a vintage light leak effect (a style that’s totally en vogue right now).  Utilizing nothing more than a marker and plastic sandwich baggie, you can give your photos a unique haze look in-camera.

Photo Light Leak Effect

Of course, you can create similar photo light leak effects in post editing (through Photoshop or another photo editing application), but this cool DIY project creates a uniquley organic look that may be worth experimenting with!

Check out the full photo light leak project instructions at DIYPhotography.net or the original Reddit post.

Light Leak Camera Setup

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