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Tricks For Creating Impressive DIY Studio Lighting

Danny Greer

Light your video shoots on the cheap! Learn how to create a DIY studio lighting setup that delivers stunning results!

OliviaTech.com has the scoop on creating a professional looking lighting setup using only consumer floodlights and a pinpoint LED spotlight.

Floodlights are mounted to a DJ truss system and plugged into a surge protector.  The trick for dialing in the amount of light is plugging the protector into a router speed control (a product typically used with a drill, sander or grinder).  The speed control runs about $20-$40 and is a much more cost-effective solution than expensive professional dimmers.

Pair this DIY light bank with an inexpensive $30 LED spotlight and you’ve got a pretty moody lighting setup for under $200.  Check out the demo video and a music video example below, or visit OliviaTech.com for all the details on how to create your own DIY lighting.

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