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Editcodes – Database of Common Video Editing Errors

Danny Greer

Editcodes is a searchable database of over 200 of the most common errors for Macintosh video editing applications.  Quickly get down to the bottom of FCP, FCPX, Avid and Premiere error messages!

Thanks to our friends over at SpliceVine.com for tipping us off to an “under the radar” iOS app created by post production experts Digital Rebellion (we’ve posted extensively about Digital Rebellion’s great video editing support apps in the past).  We’re not sure why video editing error messages have to be so cryptic – you’ve got to wonder if even the developers can keep them all straight!  EditCodes aims to take some of the pain out of dealing with them.

Sure, you can scour forums looking for an answer to your video editing error, but EditCodes puts all of the messages in one easy to search application.  The best thing about EditCodes is that it breaks down the error code, citing what you need to do to resolve it.

EditCodes Video Editing App

ErrorCodes is compatible with iPhone and iPad.  The app is supported into the future with the ability for users to submit errors missing from the database (they will be included in future app updates).  Video editing applications currently listed include Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere.

Do more video editing and less head scratching!  EditCodes is currently available for $2.99 from the Mac App Store.