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Inspiration! 14 Remarkable Event & Show Video Opens

Danny Greer

Be blown away!  These event and show open videos showcase unique and exceptional work in production design, editing and visual effects.

Video Inspiration of the Week Video Production Post

Producing an original video open for a conference, show or event is a creative challenge.  However, as the videos below show, it’s also an opportunity to create experimental and imaginative work.   This roundup of high-caliber show open videos, spotlights projects created using a multitude of production and post effects…both computer generated and organic.  These uncommon techniques are used to represent the spirit of each event in an innovative way.

DMCI Future Proof
by The DMCI – Beautiful choreography and CG embellishments combine for an amazing blend of organic and digital effects!

By plazma – Opening video for Turkey’s Golden Spider Awards (the best in web design).  A 3D cameras flys around a virtual world revealing a futuristic robotic spider.  Very cool!

FITC Toronto Show
By FITC – Show open for the FITC design and technology conference.  In this unusual concept video a mineral form grows, revealing conference participants.

OFFF Barcelona
By OFFF – Step into the future in this dark and eerie title sequence from PostPanic! Names of festival artists are embedded throughout the video in really unconventional ways.  Don’t miss this one.

Opening Titles for TEDxEdges Lisbon
by Filipe Carvalho – This enigmatic show open for the TED Lisbon conference was created using Cinema 4D, Maxwell Render and After Effects.  Great use of CG to create a visually stunning glass effect.

Playgrounds Amsterdam
By Menno Fokma Studios – Enter a futurisitc world in this show open for Amsterday’s Playgrounds festival.  CG and live action combine in this bizarre creative vision.

Phoenix Design Week
By Flock of Pixels – The mod 1950’s shine in this fun and playful show open.

F5 Festival
by F5 – Created by Barcelona motion design firm Dvein, this eccentric show open is an amalgamation of different objects of inspiration.

Pixel Show 2011
by CONSULADO – Abstract digital shapes contort and transform in this modern show open.

by Nathan K Boyd – Digital light effects and simulated CG natural landscapes combine in this show open for a motion graphics symposium.

FITC Amsterdam
by Soulbase – This show open puts out an 8-bit vibe with bright neon colors and retro tech graphics.  Great pacing and unique sci-fi vibe.

by  METAphrenie – Satelite imagery and clever editing highlight the radically chaing urban landscape of Dubai.

by Matthias Zabiegly – This show open showcases the the history of computer gaming in a unique CG style.  Very clever and cohesive theme.

A Design Film Festival
by Sebastian Lange – Video images are projected on to real 3D text (no CG) to give the short video both a technical and organic feel.