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Amazing Stop Motion Video Created in Excel

Danny Greer

Stop motion in Excel?  Yes, you read that correctly. This is a very unique motion design worth watching!

Microsoft Excel, the software ubiquitous with accounting and business, is used in an entirely new and creative way in this fun stop motion video.

To create this stop motion video, footage was shot on green screen and then brought into After Effects.  In AE, the footage was keyed and a mosaic pattern applied.  The exported reference video was the blueprint for the colorization done in Excel, as each spreadsheet cell was filled with a solid color.  In total over 730 individual spreadsheets were created to represent each video frame!

Although it took an incredible amount of time to create this cool video, it totally seems worth it.  What do you think of this Excel stop motion video? Let us know in the comments.

Click here to see more videos by YouTube user Joe Penna.

(view this one full screen!)

Behind-the-scenes video on how the stop motion effect was created: