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Video Tutorial: Exporting File Bundles in Final Cut Pro X

Want to streamline your video editing deliverable process?  FCPX gives you the option to export your project as a bundle, creating multiple files and versions with one export.

Final Cut Pro X

If you find yourself often having to create the same type of files when you export your Final Cut Pro X project, you could be saving a significant amount of time by bundling the export as one.

Do you regularly create multiple versions of a project when you pass it off to a client for a deliverable?  In Final Cut Pro X you can specify which files you often export and their corresponding specs (size, frame rate, code, etc).  Then simply group these files together as a bundle.  Once you save the bundle, you can choose that option when you export and FCPX will automatically create a new file for each of the versions you specified.

In the following quick video tutorial, video production pro Ben Consoli shows how this export feature works in FCPX.  Exporting files in one bundle will streamline your post production delivery process!

Thanks for sharing Ben!

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