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Best External Hard Drives for Video Editing

With the various external hard drive connections and speeds you may be wondering, “Which hard drive is best for video editing?”

There are more external hard drive options than ever before, and while more options are great, all these choices can but can be overwhelming.  By knowing the differences in external hard drives and their specifications you can better ascertain which is right for your video editing work.

In the following video, Den Lennie of FStopAcademy.com shares his knowledge and explains which hard drives are best for video ediiting – and why.  You’ll get tips and answers to common hard drive questions…

  • Prevent external hard drive errors and increase the longevity by knowing tips for safe handling of drives (even ‘rugged’ drives should be handled with care).
  • Learn what the difference is between RAID 1 and RAID 0 formatted hard drives and why these distinctions make a difference in video editing work.
  • Which external hard drive is best for transferring video while you’re ‘out in the field’?
  • What connection is best for video editing: Thunderbolt, Firewire 800 or eSATA?
  • Know the difference between the speed of the connection and the speed of the drive, and minimums for working with video.

If you’re thinking about buying an external hard drive for video editing now or sometime in the future, this is important info to know!

From FStopAcademy’s How to Choose Hard Drives for Video