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Getting Your Final Cut Pro X Projects into After Effects

Danny Greer
By Danny Greer

If you’re looking for a FCPX to AE workflow this handy (and FREE) app should be in your video editing toolkit!  Clip Exporter can export your entire FCPX project into After Effects – very useful for motion design and finishing work!

Update: ClipExporter has a 30 day trial and is avaliable to purchase for $109.99.

ClipExporter for Final Cut Pro X was previously a paid app in the Mac Store.  Developer Thomas Szabo has recently pulled the app from the store and has begun offering it for free – great news for FCPX editors looking for a more robust post workflow.

Video editors needing to send a project to a motion designer or compositor can utilize ClipExporter to make this a simple process.  ClipExporter can export timelines in FCPX to After Effects, as well as create Nuke files from FCPX projects.  You can specify the amount of handles you want to give each clip in the export, so you have some room to adjust clips in these apps.

Want to single out just a clip to do some heavy post work (for instance, green screen, compositing or tracking in another application)?  Use ClipExporter to export raw video clips as Quicktime self-contained or reference movies.

The app isn’t faultless, retimed clipss (speed changes) are not supported and many FCPX effects are discarded on FCPX to AE export.  However, for the money – FREE – it’s certainly a good FCPX to AE solution and can add flexibility to your video editing app pipeline.

Download ClipExporter for Final Cut Pro X.

See ClipExporter in action below: