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Filmmaking Hack: Building a Wireless Video Monitor

Noam Kroll

Wireless video monitoring systems are crucial for many types of productions, but their high costs can often be prohibitive for indie filmmakers. Here’s how to build your own.

Once you’ve used a wireless video monitor on set, it’s hard to go back to any other system. Whether you’re a director that’s sick of looking over your DP’s shoulder, or you’re a DP that’s sick of your whole crew crowding around you in between takes — this solution is for you.

All wireless video monitoring systems are comprised of at least these four components:

The video embedded below from Sam and Niko shows one great option for setting up this type of DIY system:

Ultimately the cost of your setup will be dictated by the quality of the products you choose. If having a high-quality monitor like a Small HD AC7 is important to you, then your cost will obviously increase. The same could be said about your wireless transmitter, cage system, and battery solution. Even still, it’s pretty amazing that a fully functional system can be set up for just a few hundred bucks, should you opt for the most economical option.

DIY Wireless Monitor

It’s worth noting that the system in the video uses an HDMI Transmitter/Receiver. If you’re working on a more professional cinema camera that only has an SDI output on it, you’ll also need to factor in the cost of an SDI to HDMI converter. This converter will also need to be powered, which could add another battery component to your rig depending on how you’ve got things configured. Regardless, this is an excellent budget-conscious option for shooters who are in desperate need of a wireless solution.

Got any money-saving DIY tips/hacks/techniques you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!