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Final Cut Pro X Bug: Application Crashes on Export

Danny Greer

Many FCPX users have reported the application crashing when attempting to export a video.  The problem seems to stem from Quicktime components you may have on your system.

A video editing application isn’t much use if you can’t export a final video out of it!  For some Final Cut Pro X users the software completely crashes when trying to export a video using FCPX’s “Share” function.

Final Cut Pro X shares (the new FCPX term for exporting) video using the Quicktime engine, so incompatible components seem to be crashing the application.  Quicktime components are 3rd party plugins that allow that application to play and export a variety of different media types. In FCPX, it appears that specifically the 3ivx video component seems to be having incompatibility issues. If you have that componenet installed on your system simply deleting it may cause the share/export function to function as it should.

To find the Quicktime components on your system:

In Finder navigate to HD > Library > Quicktime

If 3ivx isn’t the problem component, try removing other non-FCP related components and then try re-exporting a video in Final Cut Pro X.  Once the problem component is removed FCPX should not crash on export.

It’s likely that if you’re having this problem in FCPX you will also have troubles in Motion 5. Fixing the problem should resolve the issue in both applications.

With the recent Final Cut Pro X Update to 10.0.1 Apple has shown that they are commited to working out the issues with this new application.  Hopefully, this is another one that gets resolved soon!

Have you found any bugs in Final Cut Pro X?  We want to hear about them in the comments!!