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FREE Digital Typewriter Text Preset for Adobe After Effects

Danny Greer

Perfect for sci-fi, Internet or futuristic related projects, this free After Effects text preset recreates the tech meets low fi look of MS-DOS or Terminal.

Adobe After Effects

You’ve seen this look before in iconic computer films of the 1990’s like The Net and Hackers – text gets typed across a black computer screen, with lines quickly added and the text position represented as a flashing box (see example video below). Now, easily create this look yourself in After Effects using the free Typominal digital typewriter preset.

Add custom backgrounds to the text to create a high-tech computer interface or leave it bare bones for classic hacking or programming content (a la the new Jobs biopic).  Save the preset in your motion design toolbox…you never know when this classic computer effect might come in handy!

Visit Darkpulse Motion Design to download this free AE text preset.

Thanks to /Darkpulse Motion Design for sharing!