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Free Vintage Film Look Plugins for After Effects

Danny Greer

Give your project a unique vintage style with one of these After Effects film look filters!

As digital video quality increases and image clarity is sharper than ever, there’s an ironic desire to replicate analog film looks with this high resolution footage.  There are many paid plug-in options for achieving these vintage looks in post-production, but the following After Effects color filters can quickly add a retro film style to your footage for free.

Discover how each of these After Effects film plugins and filters can tweak the color of your project for a unique, trendy look.

Instagram Filters for After Effects

Instagram’s so hot right now.  The Instagram acquisition by Facebook for a BILLION dollars is a testament to the incredible interest in this photographic style.  Premiumbeat friend, Brent Pierce has created a set of free After Effects filters that can apply Instagram color effects to video projects.  Brent took existing Instagram actions for Photoshop and converted them for use within After Effects.  This vintage filter pack includes each of the popular Instagram photo filters – a quick way to achieve a hip, vintage look in After Effects!

These Instagram filters for video use Red Giant Software’s free LUT Buddy app for integration into AE.

Visit Cineblur.com for more information and download the Instagram filters for After Effects.

Red Giant Magic Bullet Quick Looks

Magic Bullet Looks Free After Effects

If you’re looking for a quick way to add a vintage look to your After Effects project the Magic Bullet Quick Looks from Red Giant will likely fit the bill.  Quick Looks doesn’t offer the same customization of its successful big brother app Magic Bullets Looks, but for a quick fix – and no cost – it’s a great option for giving your After Effects project a high-end film look.  Magic Bullet states these After Effects vintage looks were inspired by the stylized “look of feature films like The Matrix, Saving Private Ryan, and Traffic.”

Quick Looks film plugin works with After Effects as well as Premiere Pro and legacy versions of Final Cut Pro.

Visit Red Giant for more information and download instructions.

Epic Film After Effects Presets

Filmmaker and photographer Christian Johnsson offers up a set of free film look plugins for After Effects.  The presets, entitled Epic War, Epic Summer and Epic Thriller, emulate a retro film look by desaturating and tinting colors while boosting contrast.  Tweak these film looks to create a retro After Effects style that’s all your own.

Visit Looozaaa Studios to download the epic film looks for After Effects.