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Freelance Video Editing Jobs: Eight Free Resources to Find Your Next Gig

Danny Greer

Work more, earn more! We’ve rounded up some of the best resources for making industry connections and landing more freelance video editing work.

Freelance video editing can be an exciting and financially rewarding career. Successful freelancers enjoy flexible schedules and the ability to choose which projects they have a hand in. Of course, it isn’t always easy to find consistent freelance video editing work, as there are more individuals than ever vying for the same freelance video projects.

In this dog-eat-dog world, freelancers must actively seek out job opportunities and connections to succeed in this business. Whether you’re an experienced video editor or you’re just getting started, these editing and post-production job resources may give you a leg up in finding new freelance video editing work.

1. Mandy.com

Freelance Video Editing Jobs: Mandy.com

England-based Mandy.com is one of the more well-known online databases for video production services and job postings. Since the mid-1990s, Mandy has provided film and television resources for both the US and abroad. Jobseekers can view what job positions are available locally, including whether they are “fully paid” or “lo/no” (word to the wise: don’t get taken advantage of by low-paying gigs unless you are in desperate need of experience). Mandy.com is free, but applying for jobs through the website does require a simple site registration.

2. ProductionHub

Freelance Video Editing Jobs: ProductionHUB

Like Mandy, ProductionHub is a great resource for finding both production companies/equipment AND discovering job opportunities in your local area. Search for full-time or part-time video editing gigs, as well as internship positions. As should be expected, a large majority of the job postings on the site are from LA or NYC. ProductionHub is totally free, but again, requires a site registration to submit an application.

3. Motionographer

Freelance Video Editing Jobs: Motionographer

Motionographer — a site showcasing the best new work in filmmaking, animation, and visual effects — has a specialty job board geared toward those topics. Jobs listed on the site are for both freelance and full-time positions, and include occupations such as CG Generalist, Motion Graphic Designer, Compositor, and Visual Effects Specialist. If you are a video editor with a unique post-production skill set, this is a great place to look for freelance visual effects and graphics positions.

4. Creative Cow

Freelance Video Editing Jobs: Creative Cow

Many post-production pros know Creative Cow as a go-to place online for software troubleshooting and education. Their forums have long been a great community of active and helpful editors. In the summer of 2011, “the COW” introduced a new job board to their site. Upload a resume or reel to your Creative Cow profile, and you’ll be able to quickly apply for any of the freelance video editing jobs on the site.

5. Simply Hired

Freelance Video Editing Jobs: Simply Hired

Although Simply Hired is not strictly a post-production job board, it is a robust site for finding work in this industry. The site uses an aggregation tool that pulls in a wide variety of job listings from thousands of sites across the web. Don’t be surprised to find that many of the listed video editing jobs are with major corporations (Simply Hired scans the listings on the internal job pages of many corporate websites).

6. Behance

Freelance Video Editing Jobs: Behance

Behance is an online portfolio platform popular with creative pros. As an added benefit, they provide a robust job list. Many of the open positions are centered on photography, design, web development, motion graphics, and video editing. The quality of the board is exceptionally high because Behance charges employers a $200 fee to list a job.

7. Twitter

Freelance Video Editing Jobs: Twitter

Twitter may not seem like the most obvious place to look for a freelance video editing job, but it may be one of the most useful. The post-production community on this social network is active, and it’s common for users to put out calls for freelance editors or other post-production positions.

8. User Groups

User Groups: Twitter

Although it’s often said, it’s especially true in the production and post business: Networking is the key to success. Why not meet up with some video editors in your local area? Many user groups have weekly or monthly meetings – a great opportunity to learn a few new things and make connections. Check out these sites to connect with your local video editing group:

If you are a freelancer looking for an editing position, use these sites to your advantage. By staying connected and always seeking out new opportunities, you can enjoy the freedom that freelance video editing provides.

Looking for more insight into the world of freelance video work? PremiumBeat has plenty of helpful resources for freelancers that can steer you in the right direction!