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Help! Will Final Cut Pro 7 Continue to Work in Apple’s Lion OS?

Danny Greer

Since Apple released Final Cut Pro X, a completely redesigned NLE, many dedicated FCP7 users have asked “will the application still work with Lion OSX?”

Several times this week I’ve heard editors ask similar questions about the compatibility of their current OS and their beloved NLE. For now, the simple answer is “Yes, Final Cut Pro 7 will work with Lion OSX.” However, it’s only logical for Apple to phase out Final Cut Pro 7 with future operating system upgrades and hardware advancements…pushing users to transition to the newer Final Cut Pro X application.

Mac|Life notes that there has not been a Pro Applications Update in quite some time (an update that would likely effect FCP7).  So although the Lion OSX currently works with FCP7, there remains the possibility that a Pro Apps update could disable the editing application even in that OS.

A New Cat Arrives Summer 2012

In mid-February 2012 Apple announced that it will be releasing an updated version of it’s operating system this summer…dubbed Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion appears to take the traditional Mac OS one step closer to the iOS operating system that we see on iPad and iPhone devices. Although the inclusion of the iCloud, iMessage and AirPlay features will likely entice many consumers to make the upgrade, a major question about it’s compatibility with Final Cut Pro 7 remains unanswered. Some early users have reported that the developer preview version of Mountain Lion will work with FCP7, but this can always change with future updates. Final Cut Pro and Lion OSX?

If you’re a dedicated Final Cut Pro 7 user and are hesitant to make the jump to FCPX, the best short-term solution is to keep your operating system as it is. Don’t download future Pro Apps Updates and until we know for sure, don’t upgrade to Mountain Lion when it becomes available.  There’s no doubt that Final Cut Pro 7 will eventually be phased out.  So, a word to the wise:  Start developing skills in other NLEs…whether AVID, Premiere of FCPX.  When the time comes that FCP7 does become inoperable you’ll be fully prepared to make the jump.