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How To Bring DVD Video Into Final Cut Pro X

Danny Greer

Bringing DVD footage into Final Cut Pro X is simple!  Convert your DVD footage with the free application, MPEG Streamclip, by transcoding it into a format that works natively within your non-linear video editing application (Premiere, AVID, Final Cut Pro X).

Ripping media off a DVD to insert in your video project does not have to be a tricky process!  Because DVD video does not natively work within FCPX, DVD video files must be ripped off the disc and then converted.  This process works to rip DVD video for use in any editing application, but in this example we’ll optimize for Final Cut Pro X.  Follow these simple steps:

1.  Download Squared 5’s free video conversion software, MPEG Streamclip (Streamclip is an industry favorite for converting a multitude of video formats and codecs).  Install the application on your system.  

2.  Open MPEG Streamclip and then open your DVD in the application (from the menu bar, File > Open DVD…)

3.  Select the Video_TS folder (this contains the main video).

4.  MPEG Streamclip will open up your DVD video in the application.  Just like the shortcuts for Final Cut Pro (and FCPX) you can set the in and out points of the video you’d like to export by using the shortcuts “I” and “O”.

5.  MPEG Streamclip will let you convert your DVD to a wide variety of video formats.  Choose the format that best matches your project settings (ie what your timeline is set for).  ProRes (Apple’s intermediate codec optimized for post production) is typically a good choice for converting your DVD video.

6.  Crank your quality setting up to 100%.  Although you have a multitude of options for customizing export out of MPEG Streamclip, typically all other defaults will suffice for a standard DVD conversion.

7.  Import your clips into Final Cut Pro X and get to editing!

Do you have another way you like to convert your DVD video?
Let us know in the comments!

**Premiumbeat does not recommend of endorse ripping copyrighted media.  Be sure you have clearance to use copyrighted footage before using it in your project.