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How to Create a DIY Viewfinder for Your DSLR

Danny Greer

DSLR viewfinders are great for getting information about your shots but they are often hard to see outside or in bright light.  Learn how you can create a DIY Viewfinder for your DSLR (at a fraction of the cost of commercial models).

This week, Dave Dugdale over at LearningDSLRVideo posted a great little tutorial video on creating a quick and very cheap viewfinder that works with most DSLR camera bodies.  Dave’s DIY model improves on a DIY viewfinder created earlier this year by YouTube user Knoptop (see that very funny tutorial video here).

The cost of commercial DSLR viewfinders can be a bit pricey:

Instead, create your own using only…

  • a plastic bottle
  • hair ties
  • a headphone pad
  • a box of loupes

Dave created his homemade DSLR viewfinder for only about $8.

Not being able to get a good look at your viewfinder means you’re missing out on crucial shooting information!  Regardless of lighting conditions, you can clearly see your focus, exposure and composition with this functional DIY DSLR viewfinder.

Thanks to Dave Dugdale from LearningDSLRVideo.com for sharing this handy tutorial!