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Create a Futuristic Outer Space Scene in After Effects

Danny Greer

Using the default tools from within After Effects you can create a realistic outer space scene, complete with dynamic lighting.  Perfect for a documentary, fantasy or science fiction project.

Adobe After Effects

The earth from space shot is a ubiquitous Hollywood convention often used to show just how small we are in comparison to the grand scale of the universe.  We see it all the time –  in all genres of fiction films, television commercials and documentaries.

If your own project calls for a grand ‘earth from outer space‘ shot, you can either purchase one from a stock footage library or create your own in a motion design app like Adobe After Effects.  Purchasing the shot may save you time, but the downside is you won’t be able to customize and tweak the elements to your needs.  

The thought of creating an outer space shot from scratch in After Effects may seem like a daunting undertaking, but it’s actually not too complicated. In the following video tutorial by motion designer Rich Aguilar, you’ll see how to make a dynamic outer space shot in After Effects without the need for any third party plugins or filters.  Using  the After Effects 3D camera you can replicate motion through 3D ‘space’ and tweak the motion and timing to your needs (great for timing motion with music).

Many thanks Rich for sharing!