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How To Make a DIY Boom Pole

Danny Greer

Build your own DIY boom pole for a fraction of the cost of commercial models!

Whether you’re just starting out in the business or simply need a backup, these tutorials will walk you through how to make your own boom pole for less than $50.  Professional boom poles (or fishpoles) can range from a few hundred dollars to upwards of a thousand, making these DIY projects a huge cost savings.

Although these DIY boom poles aren’t as light or sturdy as commercial models, they’ll come through when you’re in a bind!

How to Build a $25 DIY Boom Pole

The always entertaining gang over at FilmRiot show how to create your own boom pole using PVC pipe, a telescoping bulb changing pool, zip ties and rubber bands. Total construction time is less than 10 minutes.  As the video suggests, paint this pole black and at first glance it’d be passable for a professional model.  Check out this humorous tutorial on how to build a DIY boom pole – complete with tips and suggestions for using it effectively:

Frugal Filmmaker’s DIY Boom Pole

This tutorial on creating a homemade boom pole incorporates a professional microphone mount for angling the mic.  By chopping off the threading of the pole, the boom pole gets a cleaner, more professional look.  See Frugal Filmmaker’s earlier video on creating a DIY microphone shockmount for use with this DIY boom pole.

Build A DIY Spider Mounted Boom Pole

Indy Mogul shows you how to create a DIY boom pole using inexpensive hardware store supplies – a paint roller and PVC pipe.  The build includes a rudimentary shock mount to minimize microphone vibration.  Fast and cheap homemade boom!