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How to Clean Up Your Image Background in Photoshop

Danny Greer

Shooting on a white seamless? This handy Photoshop tutorial will show you how to quickly clean up solid backgrounds to make your images clean and polished!

Solid backgrounds are never actually solid, are they? If it’s a cloth background you’ll get wrinkles. With paper backgrounds, you’ll pick up dirt and creases. And no matter how much time you spend on lighting, it’s nearly impossible to get an evenly lit background without creating shadows and lighter/darker spots.

Luckily, it’s super-easy to clean up solid color backgrounds in your images using Photoshop. Although there are several ways to do this, Aaron Nace from Phlearn.com demonstrates one of the most effective in the video tutorial below. Here are some of the video’s highlights:

  • Using Photoshop curves and threshold adjustment layers with the histogram to see trouble areas in an image.
  • Make a selection of everything that should be a solid color and make it a layer mask.
  • Refine the mask for clean edges (feather and contrast).
  • Create gradients to give the image definition.

Phlearn’s a great resource for any photographer or Photoshop user. Check out their quality FREE tutorials, and jump to 2:00 in the video below to dig into the Photoshop image background tutorial.

Be sure to check out PremiumBeat’s blog for more Photoshop tips, tricks, and techniques — for photographers and video editors alike!

Got any post-production tips for fixing background issues? Share them in the comments below!