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Inspiration: Beautiful Aerial Tilt-Shift Video of Norway’s “Tiny Capital”

Danny Greer

Get inspired with Eirik Evjen’s beautiful video, Tiny Capital.  This standout tilt-shift project was shot over the course of 10 days in the capital of Norway, Oslo.

Tilt-shift photography and video has been quite the rage in recent years, using selective focus to give scenes the appearance of miniaturization.  DSLR cameras and post-production tilt-shift effects have no doubt stoked the enthusiasm for this unique type of photography.

Eirik Evjen’s Tiny Capital has a few unique characteristics that separate it from many of the tilt-shift projects getting made today.  Instead of using post-production filters and effects, Eirik shot using specialty tilt-shift lenses (45mm and 85mm lenses on a Nikon D3s DSLR).  This means there was no ability to “fix it in post” and the result is an effect that has a distinctively organic feel.

The final video is a compilation of over 75,000 still shots taken from over 90 locations around Oslo.  The tilt-shift treatment is highly effective because the majority of the shots were done from a high aerial angle, perfect for emphasizing the miniature aspect of that effect.

Click the image to view on VimeoTiny Capital is a unique portrayal of a vibrant city in motion.