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Killer Tutorial for Creating Kinetic Typography in After Effects

Danny Greer

Add visual interest to your motion graphics projects with kinetic typography!

In the last few years, the use of kinetic typography has become popular in all forms of media (commercials, film opens, product demo videos, etc.)  It adds style and makes text more engaging and dynamic.  For examples of impressive kinetic typography projects check out our roundup of Awesome Typography Videos.

If you’re wondering how to achieve a similar text effect in your own work, check out this entertaining tutorial by filmmaker and post pro Jesse Rosten. Using After Effects you’ll discover how to:

  • Time your text with audio/dialogue
  • Create custom text layouts
  • Set scale and position keyframes
  • Apply motion to your text with easing

Jesse is entertaining and presents the tutorial in a funny, conversational style.  For anyone interested in creating their own kinetic typography project, this tutorial is a terrific starting point!