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Master Lighting Setups with the Free “Lighting Recipes” App

Danny Greer

Attention photographers and filmmakers!  Scott Kelby’s free Lighting Recipes app demonstrates the step-by-step processes for using lighting to create stunning images.

Great lighting is key to creating great images.  Photoshop guru and lighting expert Scott Kelby recently released the Lighting Recipes application for iPad – a lesson-based learning tool that demonstrates what you need to know to create your own knockout lighting setups.

Scott Kelby Lighting iPad App

The iPad app is structured around 13 separate lighting lessons, detailing 20 different lighting techniques and styles.  Scott lays it all out in layman’s terms, with clear lighting diagrams and a comprehensive explanation of the lights and tools that were used to create each shot (including some very inexpensive household-type items).   Although the lessons are geared toward the still photographer (with an emphasis on fashion and wedding style photography) the lighting setups are applicable to the video professional as well.  Some of these lighting plans would be perfect for a commercial or fashion video shoot.

Scott Kelby Photoshop Lighting Training

Sharpen your lighting skills in only 45 minutes with this handy (and FREE) application.  Currently, it’s only available for the iPad.

Learn more of Scott’s Photoshop & lighting tips over at ScottKelby.com

Download Lighting Recipes for iPad from the App Store.