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The Lion City is an Incredible Tilt-Shift Video

Danny Greer

Check out a project that takes tilt-shift to the extreme!  Using in-camera and post-production techniques, this stunning video is a visual delight.

Video Inspiration

We’re certainly fans of the tilt-shift video and photography style.  We’ve posted about it several times in the past and always enjoy viewing a high quality tilt-shift video.  The Lion City is a whole new ballgame.  It showcases sites around Singapore using a unique tilt-shift and dynamic blurring technique that creates an otherworldly effect.

Tilt-shift is known for it’s unique focus that gives the impression that the world viewed is in miniature.  The Lion City uses this selective focus but puts it in motion, creating video images that morph under waves of blur.  Really, you’re just going to have to see it to understand.

Creator Keith Loutit states that some of the tilt-shift effect was created in camera with specialized tilt-shift lenses, while the motion effects were created in post.  The video was edited on Final Cut Pro with post production effects being created in After Effects.

To see more of Keith’s tilt-shift projects check out our previous roundup of 12 Exceptional Tilt-Shift Videos.

Now, on to The Lion City (best viewed full screen):