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Inspiration! 13 Stunning Macro Video Projects

Danny Greer

Running a gamut of themes and subjects, each of these impressive projects takes their focus to a microscopic level!

Video Inspiration of the Week

We’ve rounded up the very best macro videos to inspire and amaze!  Using professional photography gear and a creative approach, each of these macro video projects offers a distinct take on that shooting perspective.

Austrian motion designer Clemens Wirth shook up the digital macro videography style with his Macro Kingdom video series.  Each of the Macro Kingdom videos effectively combine organic images with unique typography motion tracked to the footage.  Clemens used a Canon 5D Mark III equipped with speciality  mp-e 65mm & 100mm macro lenses to obtain the unique perspective.  With his latest project, Micro Empire, he substitued the lenses for a microscopic (with a speciality adaptor) to get an almost surreal look at microscopic life.  Each of these macro video projects is supported by stellar sound design work by London based Radium Audio.

Macro Kingdom I

Macro Kingdom II

Macro Kingdom III

Micro Empire

Karl X Johan – Flames
by Gustav Johansson 

A refreshing macro video!  This music video won the 2012 Grammi for Video of the Year (Swedish equivalent of the Grammy awards).  Visually stunning!

Image Film Chocolate Manufacture
by Sebastian Wiegärtner 

Digital filmmaking pro Sebastian Wiegärtner takes on tasty subject matter.  The fine art of chocolate making from a macro perspective!

Experimental macro videos Compressed 01 & 02 showcase unique organic reactions with liquid, dyes, soaps and particles.  Experience designer Kim Pimmel calls them “analog generative experiments”.  Check out these mesmerizing macro projects:

Compressed 01

Compressed 02

Eye Macro
by BabaBC

Hypnotic and trippy macro photography project geared squarely at the human eye.  Shot on the Canon 550D DSLR camera with a very simple lighting setup (more info here).

Near Sighted
by Renaud Duval 

A macro photography visual collage, exploring a range of liquid imagery. Simplistic beauty!

Assembly: Life in Macrospace
by Gecko Animation Ltd 

A unique take on a branding video, combining elements of CG and macro video (although it’s hard to decipher which is which).  Shot on the Canon 5D Mark II with a 100mm macro lens.

by versa

Macro photography may get a bad rep for being a genre replete with bug videos, but this fresh video offers a unique take on that subject matter, artfully combining visual effects with live video.  Interesting music choice and excellent color grading.

by Pierre Grimm 

Experimental video comibines gritty, industrial macro video with lens flares, particles and other digital effects.  There’s not much information avaliable about this surreal video, but it would definitely make a great TV show or film opener!