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Manifesto – FREE titling tool for FCPX, FCP, AE & Motion

Danny Greer

Improve your video titling and text with the Manifesto plugin from Noise Industries – now avaliable for Final Cut Pro X.

Manifesto Text Generator Video Editing

Video editing apps have never been known for their great titling features (just see legacy versions of FCP, ugh!).  Manifesto serves to improve upon this weakness by offering up a titling tool that more closely resembles a traditional text editor.

If you’re looking to create a title crawl or roll, Manifesto makes it easy.  Simply adjust the duration of the Manifesto text generator and the plugin will automatically animate  the roll or crawl to the duration of the generator, eliminating the need for keyframing.  Manifesto will also apply motion blurring and deflickering to the text motion, making it clean and artifact-free.

Manifesto runs inside the FXFactory plug-in engine (also a free download).  You’ll need to download and install FXFactory before you install Manifesto.  More information here.

If you often find yourself working with text in your video editing application, Manifesto is a great plugin to have in your digital toolbox.

Download Manifesto, a FREE text titling plugin for FCP, FCPX, Motion and After Effects.