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Advanced Mocha Pro Training for Post Production Professionals

Danny Greer

Check out this webinar and discover how to utlize the powerful tools in Mocha Pro for your complex post production work!

mocha Pro

Imagineer Systems’ Mocha Pro has become one of the leading apps for high end visual effects and post production work. As both a stand-alone program, as well as an After Effects feature, Mocha is a powerful tool for tracking, rotoscoping and rig removal.

Recently the Imagineer Systems Product Specialist, Mary Poplin, conducted a live webinar demonstrating some common processes in Mocha Pro. Although the webinar only demonstrates using Mocha Pro, most of the techniques and principles can be applied to Mocha AE (similar interface and toolset). The highlights of the webinar and tutorial include (from the Vimeo page):

• Advanced Planar Tracking Techniques
  (AdjustTrack, layer order & manual track techniques)

• Rotoscoping Skills

• Object Removal and Clean Plating

On a side note, the team at Imagineer Systems recently picked up an Academy Award for it’s cutting edge planar tracking technology – very cool.

If you’re interested in seeing how you could incorporate Mocha into your post production workflow, or you’re already an experienced user looking to get more skilled, you won’t want to miss this Mocha tutorial: