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Inspiration! Best Motion Design Reels 2012

Danny Greer

We’ve rounded up the best 2012 motion design reels!  See work from some of the world’s best designers and motion artists.

From commercial agency work to creative freelancers, these reels represent some of the best motion design work being done in 2012.  These videos represent a variety of unique themes and techniques made using pro motion design tools like Maya, Blender and After Effects.  Awesome samples of tv spots, broadcast identities, program titles and animation – check out who made the list!

2012 REEL from leftchannel

COSMO RAY 2012 REEL from Cosmo Ray

SHOWREEL 2012 from Sergio Calderon

DRASTIC MOTION 2012 REEL from Drastic Motion

2012 REEL from Buck

SYNDROME 2012 REEl from Syndrome Studio

BEN IN MOTION 2012 REEL from Benjamin Nichols

2012 MOGRAPH REEL from Maha Mohtaseb

ALEX MAPAR – 2012 REEL from Alex Mapar


RG MOTION – DEMO REEL 2012 from Rodrigo Gusmão

Do you have an awesome motion design reel?
Share it in the comments!