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The MoVI is Set to Revolutionize Camera Stabilization

Danny Greer

The MōVI camera system is set to completely change camera stabilization in the professional video production industry.  Here’s why…

Cameras and Equipment

Firefly Systems, maker of high-end camera platforms, has announced the MōVI, a new camera stabilization system unlike anything we’ve seen before.  Unlike the bulky camera stabilization systems that have become the industry standard (Glidecam and Steadicam), the MōVI doesn’t require cumbersome vests and weights.  Instead, it’s lightweight (at only 3.5 pounds) and is built around “gyro stabilization and accelerometers”.  Camera operators can get a wider range of motion, while being more agile.  In addition, the camera motion can be manipulated remotely by a second operator via joystick.

Firefly got world-class cinematographer Vincent Laforet behind the project.  See Vincent’s MōVI short film below, with every shot using the MōVI camera stabilization system:

Vincent says that “the beauty of this is how quickly you can also make more simple shots.   A push or slide is done in seconds and near perfectly.   You can add a tilt or pan to that too to make it even fancier if you’d like with little effort.”  Smooth, sweeping shots have always been a trademark of quality production – they don’t come easy.  Good Steadicam operators spend years honing their skills.  With a short learning curve, the MoVI aims to make it easier to get smooth, beautiful shots.

The MōVI will retail for $15,000, a price point not out of reach for most professional production companies.

Take a look below to see a behind-the-scenes of Laforet using the MōVI camera stabilization system.  It’s sure to be one of the “superstar” products of NAB 2013.