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Music Roundup! The Best Royalty Free Inspirational Rock

Danny Greer

Drive positive energy in your projects!  Similar to U2, Coldplay and other contemporary rock greats, these royalty free rock tracks feel fresh and inspirational!

Feelings of youth and positivity abound in this roundup of the very best inspirational royalty free rock tracks.  Perfect for driving corporate videos, church programming or commercial advertisements, each of these tracks has a fresh contemporary feeling.

Many tracks in this roundup sound similar to other rock contemporaries like U2, Coldplay or Snow Patrol – with soaring choruses and positive guitar melodies.

Optimistic and engaging, inspirational and motivating – here are the best royalty free rock tracks to make your project a success!

Music Roundup! The Best Royalty Free Inspirational Rock
  • Towards Time
  • Warm and building, featuring anthemic electric guitar, smooth underlying textures and driving drums that create a reflective and inspirational mood.
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  • Sometimes
  • Upbeat and energetic, featuring a driving Rock beat, electric guitar and underlying string textures that create inspiration and triumph.
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  • Turn This Around
  • Warm and building, featuring reflective electric guitar pulsing texutes, smooth synth drones and light Pop drums that create a heartwarming mood.
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  • Graduation Day
  • Reflective yet driving, featuring energetic and sensitive electric guitar over exciting synths and house drums that create a fun, motivational mood.
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