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July’s Selection of Fresh New Royalty-Free Tracks 

Zoe Sones

We’re in the midst of the summer season, the weather is warm and sunny, the sports are gearing up to start a new season, and maybe it’s prime time for some fresh new video content. What better to freshen up your summer creations with some fresh new music?

In need of some warm ambient tracks? Some cheeky samba? Or just some heavy and edgy rock tracks? With genres including alt R&B, bright afrobeats, Pop Rock, warm and cinematic tracks, bright and rhythmic orchestral colors, and many more! Here in July’s selection from our very own music team, our playlist has everything you need. 

The playlist opens with Night Thoughts by Nesterouk, a warm ambient track with a downtempo groove, perfect for those relaxing moments with a subtle hint of energy. 

Are you looking for some South American flavor? Salvador Samba by Soul Driver will undoubtedly spice up your content. Its bright and bouncy beats call for those sunny and celebratory vibes. Sun Call by Bamako Bae also has those radiant essences with an afrobeat groove, in addition to a soothing synth texture. 

You can never go wrong with some comforting yet groovy piano, Dusty Pacific Theme by Evan Crofton is your go-to. Laid with a neo-soul groove, the piano melody is painted with strings, synths, and sampled vocals, perfect for those uplifting visuals. If you want a more soothing piano texture with that reminiscent element, The Window Seat by Taizo Audio is a beautiful track, perfect for a dreamy atmosphere.

Orchestral tracks never fail to disappoint, Atlas of Elysian by Jan Garritsen is a quintessential cinematic sound world for that epicness and mystery. For more string textures, Temporality by Evergreen fills that epic category with grand build-ups sprinkled with some light percussion for extra texture. 

Let’s not forget about those notorious synths. Looking for a track to take your content to the next level, Retro Synth by INPLUSMUSIC does exactly that. Pulsating beats throughout, along with shimmering synths, give that bold and driven effect. Looking for something that bit heavier and edgy? Speaker Cranker by Marc Walloch does exactly what it says on the tin. Crank those speakers up with some gritty electric guitar melodies for a tough and dangerous attitude.  

There’s something here for everyone, from determined and dangerous to calm, ambient and classical; check out this month’s playlist below. 

All images by Maskot Images

  • Sun Call
  • Bouncy and bright, featuring ethnic percussion, bright keyboards and trippy synth textures that create a hypnotic mood.
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