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Music Showcase: The Best Latin Royalty Free Music

Danny Greer

We’ve rounded up the very best Latin royalty free music – from traditional flamenco and salsa to modern Latin dance grooves.

From the vibrant and energetic sounds of bossa nova and salsa, to the gentle acoustic strumming of the traditional Spanish guitar, we’re showcasing the very best royalty free Latin music! First, take a listen to traditional Latin tracks, with acoustic instrumentation and classic Latin composition. Further down the post, we’ve rounded up the best contemporary Latin production music, dance and electronica that has a distinctive Latin flavor. Take a listen below and discover how the right Latin style track can add sizzle to your media project!

Traditional Latin Royalty Free Music

Our roundup of traditional Latin music showcases the best upbeat and groovy Latin tracks utilizing acoustic instrumentation. Bright brass and jazz piano combine with flamenco guitar and traditional Latin percussion. This royalty free Latin music will give your project a traditional, authentic feeling.

Music Showcase: The Best Latin Royalty Free Music
  • Latin Samba
  • Light and upbeat, featuring a traditional Cuban-Salsa feel, featuring acoustic guitar and sparse piano montunos that create a mood of celebration.
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  • Salsa Club
  • Upbeat and rhythmic with a bright Cuban-Salsa groove, featuring energetic montuno piano, breezy acoustic guitar, punchy horns and ethnic percussion that creates a celebratory mood.
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  • Chico
  • Warm and bouncy in the style of Tito Puente, featuring Jazz flute, upright bass, ethnic percussion and piano that create a happy mood.
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  • Bandito!
  • Building and dramatic, featuring Latin elements, acoustic guitar and an energetic feel that creates a determined mood.
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  • Playa Beats
  • Exotic and driving, featuring passionate montuno-style latin piano, intense rave synths, and aggressive house drums that create a powerful dance groove.
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  • Cardio Latino
  • Fun and exotic, featuring punchy horns, playful latin piano, sharp synths, and pounding house/reggaeton drums that create a sexy, energetic dance groove.
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  • Let's Go for Tango
  • Hip and exotic, featuring passionate violin, punchy accordion and piano rhythms, and a laidback Trip Hop beat that transitions into a house groove to create a modern latin-orchestral mood.
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  • Body Shaker
  • Fast and exotic, featuring repeated rhythmic horn and piano lines over driving rhythmic house/reggaeton drums that create a hypnotic latin dance groove.
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  • Bailar
  • Heavy and intense, featuring latin accordion harmonies, intense, gritty bass synths, and aggressive house drums that create an uptempo dance groove.
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