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Music Showcase: The Best Royalty Free Pop & Top 40

Danny Greer

Looking to give your video or media project an upbeat youthful vibe? Check out these high quality royalty free pop and Top 40 tracks.

We’ve handpicked the best pop and Top 40 style tracks from the world’s leading royalty free music producers. Perfect for lifestyle and action programming, these tracks have a relevant pop sound that connects with a youthful audience.

License any of these royalty free tracks with our Standard License and be legally covered for all online usage (like YouTube, Facebook and web commercials), as well as corporate video and background music for television programming. Best of all, you can use our Standard License in multiple projects for perpetuity, without incurring any future royalty fees.

We’ve handpicked each of these royalty free pop tracks to bring them to you exclusively here on Premiumbeat. You can now affordably license modern Top 40 style music!

Music Showcase: The Best Royalty Free Pop & Top 40
  • A Trophy Life
  • Bright and building, featuring shimmering synth textures, determined piano and a bouncy dance groove that creates an optimistic and proud mood.
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  • Do It Now
  • Bright and building, featuring energetic electric guitar, bouncy synth and an upbeat Dance groove that creates a carefree mood.
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  • To the Stars
  • Bright and pulsing, featuring a building Dance groove, shimmering synth textures and quirky vocals that create a party atmosphere.
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  • Flashes
  • Upbeat and bouncy, featuring an energetic synth melody, anthemic hand claps, bright electric guitar and a dance groove that creates a party atmosphere.
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  • Turn It Up!
  • Upbeat and energetic, featuring pulsing 70's electric guitar with a House dance groove and anthemic hand claps that creates a mood of optimism.
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  • Let's Make It
  • Aggressive and inspiring, featuring gritty electric guitars, bright rave synths, and heavy dubstep drums that build into a huge, epic groove.
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  • Supermodel
  • Bright and happy, featuring an uplifting synth melody, Katy Perry style guitar and a bouncy dance groove that creates a proud and carefree mood.
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  • L.A
  • Bright and anthemic, featuring 70's style vintage electric guitar, pulsing electronic elements and a driving dance groove that creates an enthusiastic and proud mood.
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  • Happy Song
  • Energetic and uplifting, featuring funky electric guitars, driving bass synths, and determined house drums that create a fun party groove.
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  • Blue
  • Bright and upbeat, featuring energetic guitar, gritty synth textures and bouncy Pop drums that create a triumphant and confident mood.
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