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Composer Spotlight! Ray Lindo’s Epic Royalty Free Tracks

Danny Greer

Ray Lindo creates epic royalty free music that can add impact and energy to your film or video project!

French composer Ray Lindo is an expert at creating impactful tracks.  Specializing in music for the film and game industry, his soaring pieces convey energy and emotion.  With skills honed over several decades, Ray’s tracks have that big “Hollywood sound” – majestic instrumentals with building strings, intense percussion and powerful brass.  Take a listen below to some of his best (and certainly most epic) royalty free tracks.

Composer Spotlight! Ray Lindo’s Epic Royalty Free Tracks
  • Impacts
  • Driving and punchy, featuring rhythmic percussion, gritty synth textures and light choral elements that creates a sinister mood.
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  • Pure Spirit
  • Lush and expansive, featuring smooth strings, a warm brass melody and subtle choral elements that create a proud and noble mood.
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  • The Valley of Gods and Heroes
  • Tense and powerful, featuring eerie female vocals and shimmering percussion followed by epic orchestral explosions over gritty, laidback dubstep grooves that create an intense, menacing mood.
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  • Rising Star
  • Heavy and powerful, featuring epic choir and strings, edgy electric guitars and aggressive rock drums that create an epic, uplifting cinematic mood.
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  • Patriot
  • Building and determined, featuring driving percussion, a majestic trumpet melody, dramatic choral elements and smooth emotive strings that create a bold and empowering mood.
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